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The Exceptional Career And Distinguished Service Of Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes has a distinguished career as a Business Development Manager. He works for Eagle Industries Unlimited in the Law Enforcement division, and handles his responsibilities with knowledge and experience. He educates the personnel responsible for the company’s sales, and selects the best products for both sales and development.


Ronald Fowlkes proudly served the United States Army in Iraq. He worked with an organization called JIEDDO, and his responsibilities included the infantry operations located within the combat zone. He was a tactical operations instructor for the military personnel, collected evidence, handled analysis post-blast, and questioned the individuals who had been either captured or detained.


Ronald Fowlkes background includes thirteen years of service to the Police Departments in St. Louis, and he was a valued member of the HRT Team. In 2003, he became a certified instructor in urban and SWAT tactics for warfare, tactical rifle, tactics for defense and shoot house. He shouldered the responsibility for incidents related to hostages and subjects who used barricades to escape justice.


His unit had the responsibility for gang activity investigations whenever they were not under tactical deployment. He initiated the investigations regarding activities connected to gangs, possession of illegal guns and illegal narcotics trafficking, He worked in the most violent areas inside the cities. His unit additionally served as both the team for Civil Disobedience and WMD Response.


From 1989 until 1993, Ronald Fowlkes was a part of the United States Marine Corps. He served in the First Gulf War receiving veteran status, and additionally earned two promotions. The Marine Corps School of Infantry provided his combat training and courses in basic engineering. He successfully completed courses in Air Naval Gunfire, combat driving, and received his advanced insignia for parachuting. Ronald Fowlkes led parachute operations through the 1st ANGLICO, and participated in missions including naval and air gunfire and reconnaissance. He was capable of using a laser designator in addition to both encrypted and non-encrypted radios.


Ronald Fowlkes has built his career with Eagle Industries Unlimited due to the knowledge, experience and expertise he gained while serving the Department of Defense and the Navy-Marine Corps. His tactical training has ensured he was the perfect candidate to fill his current position. His accomplishments and background have given him the necessary insight and skills to excel in his career. He also acquired a substantial amount of knowledge during the thirteen years he spent in law enforcement. Ronald Fowlkes has stated how privileged he feels to have had the opportunity to serve his community.


Ronald Fowlkes also takes every opportunity he can find in his busy schedule to spend time with his son. He enjoys sports, and can be found coaching the hockey team his son plays for.


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