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Talk Fusion: This Is Your Company

One of the major takeaways from Talk Fusion is the fact they are a company that is for the people. At the end of the day, this company was founded and created by former police officer Bob Reina for the people. He knew the people needed a company like this and they were craving a company like this. So many companies out there, they are only interested in their own money and their own finances. They don’t stop to think for a second about the customers and how things might alter their life or their happiness. Talk Fusion is always thinking of the customer and their business.


You don’t need to look any further than their video newsletters. Now, if someone were to send out emails one at a time, it would be exhausting and quite tedious. It is tough to keep up with that many people and that many emails. It is time wasted. Talk Fusion and its customers do not have time for time wasting. They are all about expanding and helping the customer’s company grow at a great rate. With video newsletters, they record it, put it together, and it allows the customers to be in the loop in terms of what is happening with the company. They can reach a wide variety of people from all walks of life in a very short time. They can also have fun recording the newsletters and keeping the customers in the loop.


Advancements and features like this are what companies like the Technology Marketing Corporation ( are looking for when they hand out awards like the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, which was their second award from the company in 2016. They see this as a company on the rise and a company that is looking out for the best interests of the customer.


In addition to that, they are changing things and switching things up as opposed to repeating themselves or rehashing old ideas. They want things that are going to change the game for the better and not just be a sequel, basically.


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