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Richard Blair Helps People Reach Their Financial Goals

If people want to accomplish their financial goals, they need to have a comprehensive financial plan. This is only logical since money does not just grow on trees. Richard Blair firmly believes this concept and he wants it to be impressed in the minds of the citizens of Austin, Texas so that they could fulfill their dreams. Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc. Basically, this company offers financial advice and consultations to its clients. The clients of this company include private individuals, owners of small enterprises and a number of rich families in the area.



Blair is a duly registered financial adviser with more than 20 years of experience in providing financial services. His company is also fully registered with the relevant authorities in Austin, Texas, so it is fully qualified to give out financial advisory services. The financial planning services that WSI can provide are very comprehensive and highly individualized. That means the advice that a client will get is exactly suited to his needs and his capacities. The areas in Austin, Texas where Blair’s company operates include Georgetown, New Braunfels, Bastrop, Houston and Marble Falls.



Blair was encouraged to take up a career in providing and teaching financial planning to others by his family. His mother and his grandmother were both teachers. He was able to see both his mom and grandma grew in their knowledge and confidence because of their many years of teaching. Together with his natural affinity for finance, he was encouraged to build his career along this industry. He started Wealth Solutions in 1949 and he has not stopped giving financial advices from then on to whoever wants to benefit from his financial acumen.



In Wealth Solutions, Inc., Blair is able to quickly assess the financial condition and the retirement needs of his clients. Upon this discovery, he will devise a holistic plan and customize it to the client’s needs and capacity. He calls his solution the three pillar approach. Pillar number one is designed to assist his client to lay out his financial roadmap. The number two pillar will help the client devise his long-term strategy that can satisfy his investment needs. Pillar number three is focused on providing the client a financial safety net. In the number three pillar, Blair’s Wealth Solutions will help the client determine and satisfy his insurance needs. As long as the client adheres to these three pillars, he will have no problem in attaining his financial goals.


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