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Raise The Call To End Citizens United

In 2010 there was a monumental Supreme Court decision in the case of Citizens United v. F.E.C. where corporations, labor unions, and other organizations were afforded the ability to donate to political campaigns with the same restrictions as private citizens rather than the more strict rules that were in place before the case was heard. This opened the door for corporations to donate unlimited sums of money through the use of Political Action Committees (PACs), and Super PACs to whichever politicians that will do their bidding. When legislators are voting on bills based on what a tiny minority that has given millions of dollars wants over what the general citizenry wants, that is not a democracy, but an oligarchy.

Fortunately, there are people and organizations out there that are fighting to get the Citizens United decision repealed through enacting new laws that would rein in corporate donating activities. End Citizens United is a non-profit grassroots PAC formed in 2015 with this expressed vision. They donate solely to candidates who make a pledge to not take special interest money and to fight for real campaign finance reform. Under the leadership of Tiffany Muller, they have raised almost $35 million with an average donation amount of only $14! That is proof that End Citizens United doesn’t accept or deal with big business and the special interest groups they control. Every donation to End Citizens United is from a private citizen or group and is only used to further the goal of getting the greed out of Washington.


In fighting the good fight, End Citizens United has come up with its “Big Money 20” list of the worst offenders in Washington where taking special interest money is concerned. These politicians and candidates greedily accept whoever will give them the highest dollar and gladly vote whichever way they need to in return for it. Those giving the money are known to all of us: Big Pharma, Big Oil, Wall Street, and the list goes on and on. These are industries that need restrictions to be loosened, tariffs to be removed, studies to be buried, and a whole host of other unethical things to increase their bottom line, even at the price of every United States citizen.

One of the biggest offenders on the Big Money 20 list is Ted Cruz. Cruz has voted to block common-sense campaign finance reform for years and has been an outspoken proponent of putting money in politics. Cruz has even gone so far as to say “money absolutely can be speech.” It’s time for Cruz and his corrupt kind to go.

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