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From Attorney Jeremy Goldstein to Employers

He founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC where he is now a partner. He attended the New York University School of Law where he graduated in 1999. It is a law firm whose primary function is advising CEOs, management teams and committees about compensation. It involves making them ready for attacks that would arise from activists, by explaining how a pay program would shift.



At Shearman & Sterling LLP, he was an associate immediately after university. He then became a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz where he worked for fourteen years. With his 15-years experience in executive compensation, he solely established his law firm in 2014, and he gives legal advice concerning employees.



He explains why corporations choose to deny their employees a stock option. As much as some do so to minimize losses, there are more reasons for it. First, stocks fluctuate significantly, and a sudden drop would limit the employees’ options. Secondly, the available options are a burden in cost contrary to increased salary if the loss would be eliminated. Lastly, employees are aware of the possible method of compensation and are taking precautions since remaining options are worthless. Jeremy Goldstein explains these factors as knock-out options.



Instead of providing stocks, Jeremy Goldstein advice to corporations is to increase wages or provide excellent insurance coverage for the employees. Rising stocks benefit the individuals earning and is a way of encouraging workers to work harder. Regulations of revenue within some companies may lead to increased tax where shares and compensation packages are given to corporate executives.



Every company that increases benefits has minimized expenses and worked on a plan to award employees with options apart from shares. Knock-out is a plan that has regulated options to cancel or keep it until it expires if the company would drop below the initial cost of a unit. Knockout minimizes possible compensations.


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