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Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere is well known for her thriving makeup company, Lime Crime. But just how did Doe get her start, and how in the world did she come up with such a unique name? The beauty mogul dishes her secrets to success. Keep reading to hear just what they are!


Finding a Name for Her Company

Deere is into fairy tales. This may be obvious in how mystical and unique her makeup collection is. However, did you know that her love for fairy tales is the very thing that led Deere to finding the perfect name for her brand?


Deere’s brand started off as a clothing line. She would make clothes in her very own style and use e-commerce to sell them. The name for her clothing store would soon become the name for her makeup line.


What was the name of her clothing store? Lime Crime.


Yes, the very Lime Crime that we know and love today for its gorgeous eye palettes and lip toppers.


Deere wanted to remain true to herself when picking a name for her company, and incorporating her love for all things fairy tale was the right way to go. According to Deere, fairy tales often rhyme, whether the names are rhyming, the words in the story are rhyming, or the title of the story, itself, contains rhyming words.


Deere played around with quite a few words that rhymed until she found the perfect name: Lime Crime.


Thus, her e-commerce store was launched.


Transitioning Into Makeup

Deere attended college for fashion, and the knowledge that she gained helped her to own a business that offered her steady, reliable income. However, Deere wanted to take her entrepreneurship a step further.


She wanted to up her sales.


To do that, she decided, she would need a strategy, and what better strategy than to incorporate her love for makeup into her love for fashion?


So the next step Deere took was taking and posting pictures of herself wearing beautiful makeup that would help make the clothes stand out even more.


Taking Matters into Her Own Hands

However, there was no makeup available that would help Deere complete this next step in her journey. So what did the entrepreneur decide to do? She did what all good entrepreneurs do: she found a way.


Deere began making her own makeup. Hers was cruelty-free. To Deere’s surprise, the support for her makeup was overwhelming, encouraging Deere to choose makeup over fashion.


In the business world, Deere says it is crucial to pick a niche. Focusing on one thing can help you pour all of your creative juices into that particular business and can help it to become the best that it can be.


Since Deere started branding her makeup, she hasn’t looked back. She has since added a few other products to her beauty line – such as eye-catching hair dyes – but makeup remains the center of Lime Crime’s world and the company’s niche. Learn more:

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