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Clayton Hutson’s habits to succeed as a professional

Clayton Hutson is one of the better known names in the live entertainment production industry, especially in live music. He has made a career of his own since he started working on live tours with Marylin Manson and then has worked non-stop to amass an enviable resume that includes working with Alice in Chains, Backstreet Boys, Marilyn Manson, New Kids on the Block, Guns N’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, Garbage, Pink, OneRepublic and most recently, Kid Rock and Hasley. He’s a beast of habit. One of the key elements to his success is the organizational skills he’s acquired along the years working in the industry. He describes his work with Kid Rock as “running the floor on events, from start to finish”. This means his days start about 6:30 a.m. before anyone else arrives at the site where the artist is going to play and he sketches out the day’ schedule, does a walk-through, draws the storage plan, and creates the day’s to-do list and then assigns crew members for any task necessary. When the show starts, he organizes the steps required to break down the venue and get everything back on the tour bus for the next city and delegates the tasks between his crew so everybody is aware of his role after the end of the show.


Aside from organization, one of the main habits Clay has developed is to work prospectively, to always have your mind two or three steps ahead of the schedule. Before the show starts he’s already thinking on how to dismantle the equipment after the show ends. He outlines the day’s events and tasks from the simplest to the most vital in the most precise and detailed way possible to be able to delegate tasks effectively and to give clear instructions. Also, he’s a perfectionist. For him there’s no such thing as checking too much that everything is working well. He checks, double checks, and triple checks everything so he may deliver a quality service. He believes that when your name is attached to a product, experience or show, the product must be as perfect as possible or, otherwise, your name will get stained. Learn more:

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